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The Centre Scotland is the culmination of over 15 years experience in the Scottish Nail and Beauty Industry. Founders of the company, Fiona Wallace and her daughter Fee Wallace have worked their way from a little nails-only salon in Glasgow’s south side to become distributors and education providers for the professional nail industry’s most trusted brand as well as some of the most exciting up and coming brands in the beauty industry.

Fiona recalls how it all started,
”It’s 1997 and I have spent my entire career in sales and management; I am dreadfully unhappy and having a bit of a mid-life crisis weeks before my 40th Birthday! So, what did I do? I decided to get happy! I left the very well-paid job with all the perks that made me so unhappy and entered the world of nails. I completed my CND Foundation course, started practicing and started to build a clientele from home. Within 6 months I opened my first wee salon – just me and my desk, praying for the phone to ring….fortunately word spread and the the phone did ring and I was soon fully booked. Fortunately I had a wonderful daughter who was ready to leave school and desperate to join me in the business.”

Fee, leading a CND Shellac seminar

Fee Wallace leading a CND Shellac seminar

Fee recalls her first steps into the industry,
”I did my first set of nails at age 15 with my Mum’s kit while she was out shopping. I thought I would be grounded but instead I was encouraged! I started full time as a nail technician in our newly opened little salon when I left school and I worked through the CND education programme attaining my Master Artist Qualification in 2002 aged 19. I used my cousin Heather as my model and got full marks on my test paper, it was the first time I’d achieved something ‘academic’ and I got totally hooked on the science and theory behind what we create for our clients.”

What made Fiona and Fee’s salon successful was first and foremost customer service. Mother and daughter operated on the concept that while they were there at that nail table, they were put on earth with the sole purpose of making those clients feel wonderfully special, listened to and cared for. A modern approach to nail services and excellent technical skill level certainly helped – the girls did good nails!. But Fiona maintains to this day, “The reason other salons opened up and shut down year in year out while our business continued to grow was down to hard work and how we treated people. We made ourselves available, the salon never opened late any mornings or closed early and clients looked forward to returning to the place where they had fun, felt appreciated and left with something to keep them feeling special for the next two weeks – great nails!’

The mother and daughter team found themselves being approached not just by clients looking for nail services but by individuals wishing to train to do nails. Fiona and Fee were invited to the infamous CND Boot Camp and became CND Education Ambassadors in 2001 and 2004 respectively.
 In the early days, CND Nail classes and spray tan training took place in a back room of their new larger salon across the road from the original little nail shop where the two had started out. As the demand for Education grew, Fee took the lead on teaching and began to specialise in high quality education provision teaching everything from beginners to master level courses and providing a lot of one to one training for those wishing to hone their skills and grow in confidence.

The Centre Scotland started life as ‘The Fingertips Centre’.
Fee Wallace, “Our salon of 10 years was called The Fingertips Salon, this is where we built our reputation and learned our trade, to name our new training and supply company The Fingertips Centre made perfect sense.’
Fiona and Fee were granted a Distributor Partnership by Sweet Squared and opened their first Training, Distribution and Trade Shop facility in Edinburgh in 2007. it was at that time that Heather Burnett, daughter of Fiona’s younger brother, came on board after finishing a degree in business management.
Fiona Wallace, “Having the opportunity to provide secure employment for your family is one of the best things about running your own business. Working with the people you love provides a strong, trust-filled work environment. With Heather’s natural talents and the skills she gained from her part-time work in the retail sector and throughout University there was no way we were going to let the opportunity pass by to have her on our team. In no time at all she was ably running an arm of our business and thoroughly enjoying it too!”

In 2013 a long-held dream was realised for The Centre Team, when they opened another Training and Trade Shop facility in Fee’s home town of Glasgow.
Fee Wallace, “When we finally got the opportunity to open in Glasgow our lives were changed forever! We always knew that people on the west coast of Scotland expected to be able to access training and product locally and not have to make the journey to Edinburgh – and quite right too! Many west coast nail professionals who had started out with CND products found themselves resorting to using other brands they could access more close to home. I always believed that once CND had a home in Glasgow once again, those nail professionals could go back to the brand they loved and trusted from the beginning, Creative Nail Design.”

staff group shotToday The Centre Scotland Team has grown to over 18 dedicated Customer Care staff and Educators. Through partnership with top brands and distributors The Centre endeavours to provide the best service possible to customers. To this day that is the main goal, just as it was back in the wee nail salon all those years ago, to provide the best customer service possible and grow though a great reputation and recommendations from the most important people of all, their customers.

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